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Shrines, Temples & Mosques

Shrines, Temples, Mosques and Tombs are inseparable part of the Kashmiri People and their relation to the landscape and the world around them. The Kashmiri valley is filled with sacred buildings to connect the average person with an almighty power.Since the Buddhists stupas of the beginning of the christian area, to the shrines commemorating the Sufis that performed miracles and gave comfort to the people, you will find indication of fear and faith wherever you walk. And it is through the religious buildings of Kashmir, that depth of the culture and history begins to unfold, layer upon layer. It is very unfortunate that in the 14th Century many of the beautiful and ancient Hindu temples were lost. But through the buildings of the great Kashmir Emperor, Zain UL-Ab-id-Din, We can get an impression of the religious architechture of the time as the early mosques and tombs were either rebuilt over ther remains of the sanctum of an earlier temple, or erected on a square plan following the traditional Hindu style. The buildings were made entirely of timber, or with brick/stone walls and Islamic arches, with elongated, timber pitched roof mounted on a square canopy.

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Jamia Masjid

The main mosque of Srinagar located in Nowhatta, the beating heart of the old city. Built for the first time in 1400 by Sultan Sikander.


This is Kashmir's most famous and most exquisite mosque and is located in the down town area called Khanqah-a-Mulla, situated near Zana Kadal(bridge) on the eastern side of the Jhelum River.

Pather Masjid

Standing on the banks of the jhelum opposite the Shah-i-Hamdan is the beautiful and cool open plan mosque of Emperess Nur Jehan.

Makhdoom Sahib

Makhdoom Sahib was famous local saint. His major contribution was the desire to reconcile the divide between Sunni and Shia muslims. To reach here you must walk from Khayam towards Nowhatta, pass Jamia Masjid, then from the junction take a right side road and walk up.

Makhdoom sahib Gondola

Makhdoom Sahib cable car station was established for people who couldn't walk upstairs to the shrine, mainly for aged people.Makhdoom Sahib was famous local saint. His major contribution was the desire to reconcile the divide between Sunni and Shia muslims. To reach here you must walk from Khayam towards Nowhatta, pass Jamia Masjid, then from the junction take a right side road and walk up.


Visible from everywhere in the city is this cdntral fort that overlooks all, According to legend, the Koh-i-Maran hill was once a huge lake ingavited by the demon Jalobhava.

Harwan Buddhist Stupa

A beautiful reminder of Kashmiris Buddhist past was discovered in the early 20th century almost by accident, as local workers dug pipelines to access water. The harwan archaelogical site locate, lying on the slope of a mountain 5km from shalimar, includes the remains of the Buddhist monastery and stupa which corresponds to the stupa courts of Gandhara.


Hazratbal shrine, the White Mosque, is located on the western banks of the Dal Lake. It is the most sacred of shrines in the Kashmir Valley housing a relic of Prophet Muhammad(PBHU) - a lock of his hair is displayed Every year on the Prophet's birthday.

Dastgeer Sahib

The equisite shrine, located in Khanyar, had a greatful Kahmiri white and green exterior which housed a glorious papier-mache interior full of scrollwork, Arabic script and floral motifs, supported by papier-mache palm.

Saint Marry Church

Located in the meadows of Gulmarg.Standing tall, even after 100 years of its construction, is the Victorian architectural wonder of St Mary's Church, which is situated near the Golf Course in Gulmarg. More like a tiny countryside chapel in appearance, this church has grey stone walls that add to its vintage look. It looks the most scintillating during the winter season, especially when it is laden with snow.

Rosabal(Tomb of Jesus)

This tomb is just anotherfive minutes walk from Dastgeer sahib an take the right after the mini power grid.


Outside the central jail which lies to the south near the fort wall is the location in which hundreds of Kashmiris were gunned down by Dogra forces in 1931.

Zain-Ul-Abidin Tomb

Located in srinagar Dowtown area

Hassanabad Imambara

Hassanabad is named after the shia scholar Baba Hassan and the Hassanbad locality was once the epicentere of arts and crafts in srinagar.You can reach there by Shikara from the Dal or walk toward the Nageen Lake from the Gurduwara in Rainawari and take a right before crossing the bridge.

Shiv Temple Bijbehara

Located on the way to pahalgam. An ancient temple with ancient statues of ancient hindu gods.It was an ancient site of Shiva Vijayeshwar.The sculptures found at Bijbehara, a town in Anantnag Territory of Jammu and Kashmir are considered the earliest ones in distinct Kashmiri style of sculptures. A lot of material from Bijbehara was moved to Sri Pratap Singh Museum museum by the turn of the 20th Century

Aali Masjid

Located in Eidah Downtown besides Eidgah.


On the road to Pahalgam perched on the scrap of a hill amidst the fragrant pines sits the most famous of shrines, Aishmuquam.


It is situated on the top of Takht-e-sulaimani nowadays it is called shankeracharya mountain

Gurduwara chatti pathshahi

Located in Rainawari in the old city, is grand white building, services the spiritual needs of small but strong kashmiri sikh community.


This is the shrine of kashmir's patron saint and guardian of the lidder Valley , Sheikh Noor-ud-Din or Nund Rishi.At the holy town of Charar-e-sharief, lies one of the most divine Muslim shrines of Jammu & Kashmir. Known as Hazrat Sheikh Noor-ud-din Wali, this is a sacred Muslim destination dedicated to Sufi Saint Sheikh Noor-ud-din Noorani. He was a benefactor saint of the Muslims in Kashmir.

Martand, The Sun Temple

Located in the most glorious location with the mountains at your back, take a right off the road after Anantnag and before Pahalgam.

Rani Mandir

Located in the meadows of gulmarg.


Naranag is a popular tourist destination for its proximity and ease from Srinagar, its lucious surrounds and the mysterious ruins of a large Hindu Temple.


Located at lalchowk near mallinson biscoe school


This is the shrine of kashmir's patron saint and guardian of the lidder Valley , Sheikh Noor-ud-Din or Nund Rishi.



Take a right from Chashma-Shahi up to the top of mountains lies Pari mahal. A beautiful fort of fairies.

Botanical Garden

Take a left before Chashma-Shahi. A beautiful garden Known as Chasma-shahi.


A beautiful garden with a beautiful spring located before the route of parimahal.


The famous mughal garden built by mughals located on the way to Harwan.

Harwan Garden

A beautiful tourist garden located before the mountains of Dhara waterfall.

Tulip Garden

A famous garden of tulips. Opens in spring when the season of tulips is ongoing.

Nishat Garden

Another famous mughal garden built by mughals which lies in front of Dal. A beautiful tourist place to visit.

Badam Bagh (Almond garden)

Located in badambagh srinagar.

Nehru Park

A beautiful floating park located at dal.


Dal Lake

Located in Srinagar

Nageen-The jewel on the Ring

Located in Srinagar

Bahrar Nageen

Located in Srinagar. Another side of nageen lake known as Bahrar nageen by Hanji's(Hanji's are a tribe of kashmiri people who live in houseboats).

Manasbal Lake

Located at Safpora area of Ganderbal District in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir in india.

Wular Lake

One of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia. It is sited near Bandipora town.

Outside Srinagar

Outside of srinagar Villages, Valleys, Mountains, More.

Please please please when you travel all the way north to visit the Kashmir Valley reserve sometime to leave Srinagar, Because believe us, you haven't seen anything til you leave the city!


Gulmarg(The Meadow of flowers) is located in district baramullah 54k from srinagar.

Gulmarg Gondola

If you didn't ride gondola in gulmarg then you didn't really explored it all. From gondola you can see the gulmarg from the top view.


Located 37km from srinagar.


About 3 hours drive from Srinagar via NH44 (National-highway 44). One of the most famous and beautiful destinations in all of kashmir Valley is Pahalgam "The village of Shepherds". Is located 96km



Pampore Saffron Fields





Doodh Pathri

Drangg Waterfall


Sonamarg is a meadow of gold and is located 84kms from srinagar.





Muj Pathri