Ahanger HOBO

The Experience

Ahanger HOBO is the best-in-sector that delivers a world-class experience for every client.

About Us


Our company was founded by Abid Sidiq Ahanger with over one decade of experience in tourism sector of Kashmir. Abid Sidiq Ahanger has seen its best side, and its worst. His motivation in founding of Ahanger HOBO was to launch a company that could make your trip to kashmir the most memorable experience for your life.

Why Ahanger HOBO?

We keep transparency with our clients and explain them every bit about their visit. We protect visitors from the scams and dissapointments that can hit the innocent holiday maker. But the issue is easily solved by working with Ahanger HOBO company that offers one-on-one support and a VIP experience for every client whatever their budget.

Our Team

Abid Sidiq Ahanger have been able to put together a talented team which knows the kashmir(state) also its in and out, and can guide clients towards the best experience it can offer. Our handling team have years of knowledge and experience to ensure that everything you need in kashmir is covered. The team is under and supervised by Shakeel Ahmad Wani who does have more than 12 years of experience in hospitality and communication sector.

Our Technical Team

We have a sound technical team whose part is to take care of database and keeping existing client into touch and always ready to entertain any complaint from client-end. Since our clintage is becoming huge by every year they make sure interface between client and us become easy and hassle free even before ever. Burhan Ali Khan (Software Engineer & Data Scientist)& Mr. Rafiq Mir(IT Head and CA) is leading the team in a way in which they could perform better and outshine.

Our Valves