Kashmir has four distinct seasons with unique patterns of beauty and weather.

March, April, May is spring, the most beautiful and many say the best season in Kashmir. Clear and crisp! Temperature raises from 6c to 25c. it is quite rainy during March and April.
December, January, February is the winter season, with snowfall starting in the upper reaches around Dec 15 and from then on snowing consistently until March, with the snow hitting the city of Srinagar around Jan 15 for a short while. Temperature ranges from -5 to 10c.
June, July, August is Summer, the most popular season to visit Kashmir where visitors flok from the sweltering Indian planes to cool off in the green mountain shade. Temperature ranges from 20c to 35c.
September, October, November is Autumn, the season of automnal delights where the whole of the valley becomes warm shades of gold ad aulburn. Temperature ranges from 10c to 22c.