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Our job is not only to provide the help and services to the client, but we want you to experience the kashmiriyat (warm welcome from the lands of heaven) and know about its people, food, climate, culture & places. We provide almost all the services which usually you would require during your Kashmir trip and in a way which would be easy to avail and cost-effective. Our clients will be getting a bifurcated quotation from our team so that a client could easily compare with other competitors existing in the market. In this manner, it is delightful for the client to know what exactly he/she is paying for the individual services.Traveling to Kashmir would be a different experience in many ways than any other tourist place exists. We highly recommend to any traveler or tourist whosoever is traveling to Kashmir should book his or her trip by a local travel agent or consultant.

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welcome to kashmir

Once you have crossed the mighty Pir Panjal range and entered the beautiful valley of Kashmir. You are at first overwhelmed by the abundance of life giving earth an absolute enchanting beauty of your surroundings.

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Ahanger HOBO is offering trekking events of Mahadev by this year. Come and join the adventure!

Mahadev or Mahadev peak is a mountain peak in the vicinity of the dachigam national park in srinagar district of jammu and kashmir. It is visible from most parts of srinagar city. It is also known as peak of srinagar. It is covered with snow in most of the year. In mahadev there is a stone which is painted with red colour by the forest rangers. Route: It can be climbed through fakir gujri near scholars school dhara harwan. The track can be both day trek as well as night trek with night stay at Lidwas. The trek has moderate difficulties on the way to Lidwas we have to cross small streams which is usually fun. Nomads can be seen with their horses carrying essential items.

The Wild Fruit A Short-story by Shahnawaz Nazir Lone.

It was on the first morning of "chillai kalan"(Harsh winter period of 40days in Kashmir) and Gullu was still in his warm bed not wanting to get out. During those days of winter it is difficult to go inside the cold bed but by morning the heat from your body would turn it into a personal "Hammam". Gullu was thinking about the wild tree near the shakaracharya foothils which lay beyond the permissible limts of its daily strolls. Those days, in the middle of the insurgency, children were not allowed to venture out much. People would conspire many stories around this wild tree. The most famous was with the fruit the tree bore. Gullu was warned many a time by his father about not going near the tree, lured by its fruits, as it will make him disappear. Many people from Gullu's locality and around had disappeared mysteriously and the children were sure it was because of the wild fruit.

One afternoon, Gullu decided to take the unusual route back from the local bakery where he had gone to buy some "tshuchwur" (Local Bread) the route passed by the wild tree it had snowed alot and this route seemed less slippery to walk. As Gullu passed by the tree he layer beneath looked like a massive inconceivable " Dastarkhan" welcoming its guest to eat the feast. Gullu would obey his father always but now he felt a rebel in him who wanted to lay hands on the forbidden fruits.
He quickly grasped one and hid it inside his bag, running away being noticed.

Next day Gullu's father left for his work as usual. Gully who was still in his cozy bed was having weird thoughts eversince he walked by the tree. He did not have the guts to look inside his bag, Let alone eat the fruit. Babu's grandfather had disappeared last month, and it was a common talk among the children that he was seen near the wild tree. In the afternoon as Gullu stepped into his home after his noon stroll with friends, He saw an unusual crowd around. His mother was wailing, and all relatives had gathered. People around were whispering about his father being taken away by unknown men. Gullu feared the worst and run to check his bag. The fruit was missing and Gullu did sense what would have happened. The police found a lenan bag inside his fathers shop which he used to carry everyday. Inside it lay his cycle keys, lunch and the fruit, untouched.

-Shahnawaz Nazir Lone

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